Return Policy

Thank you for choosing KH Room Service. We are committed to providing you with exceptional designs that elevate your home. Please read our return and substitution policies carefully before making your purchase.

Return Policy:
Due to the custom nature of our furniture manufacturing, KH Room Service is unable to accommodate returns once a purchase has been made. Each piece ordered is crafted especially for you and your selections. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully consider your choices before finalizing your purchase.  In the event of a manufacturing defect or damage you must contact our customer service team within 5 business days of receiving your order.

Substitution Policy:
At KH Room Service, we offer a meticulously curated experience crafted by our award-winning designers to complete a unique, beautiful space. Our commitment to providing truly exceptional and cohesive room aesthetics means that every selection has been thoughtfully chosen to harmonize within its designated setting while tying together all room elements. The distinctive charm of Room Service lies in its inherent completeness. Therefore, we maintain the integrity of our designs by refraining from allowing substitutions, ensuring that your chosen design concept remains exquisitely intact. Of course, some customers prefer our KH Full Service Design offering, which is an option for those looking to engage in all the details of our home design process.

Legal Information:
By making a purchase from KH Room Service, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this return policy agreement.